Disposable Change Mats

Nappy changes can be messy (obviously), and there’s nothing more annoying than getting your changepad cover wet/dirty.

Changepad covers are expensive and if you only have a handful like me, you will run out very quickly and suddenly have an urgent washing load to do. 

I find these disposable change mats to be the perfect solution to put on top of my changepad; they are waterproof so they save your changepad cover and can be thrown out. I always bring one with me when I’m out and about.

Cost wise these are pretty affordable as they are almost always on sale 2 for 1 at Baby Bunting or Babies R Us = 40 for $12. You won’t go through one a day, so they last a while.


Vicks Vapouriser

It’s absolutely heartbreaking when your little one gets a nasty cold and what’s even worse is that there’s not really much you can do for them, especially when they’re young.

I found Vicks Vapouriser very helpful in clearing up bubby’s head nose and throat.

What I like about this vapouriser is that is distributes warm air, not cold air which is much better for a sick baby and also reduces the risk of mould in your home.

It’s super easy to use and has safety features as well.

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5 ways to cope with a baby that won’t sleep through the night


If you’re looking for some kind of life hack or the secret to this $1000000 question, you’re in the wrong place.

Unfortunately there is just no such thing as a normal sleeping routine with a newborn. No matter what you do or how many books you read, you’re going to have sleepless nights.

So how do you cope when it’s 4am, you’ve had no sleep and you’re at your wit’s end?

1. Flip the situation

I suffered many stressful sleepless nights with a crying baby and I was struggling. I got frustrated a few times and then I cried hysterically with guilt. But one night I decided something’s gotta give…

For me, the biggest breakthrough I had was a change of mentality. Rather than trying and trying to get her to sleep because I wanted to sleep, I just thought to myself “Okay, I’m up. My day starts now.”.. Even though it was 3am and I’d only had 2 1/2 hours sleep.

So now, instead of rocking her to sleep for 30min, falling asleep for 10min and then being woken up again by her screaming and feeling like stabbing myself in the head, I was sitting on the couch watching TV and having some cuddles with my little baby – a much better situation to find myself in. And murphy’s law, just as I had done this, 30min later she was fast asleep!

It’s not easy, but if you can change your mindset, you can flip the situation and usually as soon as you’ve accepted that he/she isn’t sleeping, suddenly 30min later they’re dead to the world, because they’ve sensed calm and not tension – baby’s really pick up on that stuff.

Try to put yourself in their shoes.. Would you go to sleep just because someone else told you to? No, not if you’re not tired.


2. Affirmations

The other thing that got me through the sleepless nights was just telling myself again and again “This won’t last forever.” and “She¬†will go to sleep eventually.” ..This probably seems obvious, but when you’re stuck in a rut and you’re tired and crabby, it’s easy to lose sight of these facts and start a downward spiral of dark thoughts such as “Is this really what my life is now?” and “What the hell have I gotten myself into”.


3. Follow Suit

I know you’ve heard this one before – sleep when they sleep.

This goes hand in hand with number 1. Your baby will eventually sleep at some point and when he/she does, make sure you sleep too if you’ve had a rough day/night. It’s tempting to neglect this for watching TV or doing housework or whatever else you were unable to do while you were dealing with a crying baby now that you’ve finally got some peace and quiet, but sleep deprivation truly does make everything seem worse than it is and you need to get the rest even if you can’t sleep for the sake of your mental health, because it’s a sure thing that baby will wake up again and will probably be a handful all over again.


4. Invoke an SOS

If you find yourself at breaking point and unable to flip the situation mentally, or if you are finding yourself going into microsleep, it’s important to have someone who you can ask for help if the worst case scenario arises.

It’s easy to feel like you can’t or shouldn’t bother someone for example if your partner has returned to work and has to be up in the morning, you may feel like you shouldn’t wake them.. But if you’re at risk of microsleeping, or about to explode, it’s far better to wake them before that happens. Even a 5min break can make the world of difference!


5. Do what works for YOU

Everyone has an opinion these days and everyone thinks they know best. This opens the door to a lot of judgement and second guessing yourself.

Yes, there are some ‘rules’ that should always be followed, but there’s also something called maternal instinct. You know what’s best for you and your baby, so don’t discount something because a professional says it’s not good.

Very occasionally, Caedence sleeps in my bed with me (like literally right next to me) because sometimes the only way she will sleep is if I breastfeed her laying down in the bed belly-to-belly. If I try to move her to her bassinet she will wake and cry and I got tired of repeating the same steps of soothe, fall asleep, put in the bassinet, wake up and cry over and over again.

The experts say this is a huge no-no and admittedly I was nervous the first couple times I left her sleeping next to me rather than risk waking her when it’s taken hours for her to finally fall asleep. I was at a point where the consequences of sleep deprivation were greater than the risk of me rolling on top of her, so I trusted that my maternal instinct would prevent me from forgetting she was in bed with me and end up rolling ontop of her in my sleep, and I was right.

We both got sleep (even though I was only 3/4 sleeping and always conscious of her being there) and it saved a lot of frustration, tears and potential sleep deprivation.



The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper

The First Years close & secure sleeper was given to us by one of Brandon’s colleagues. 

At first, we were both like “we’ll never use that”, but since having our baby, it’s become one of our essentials that we use on a daily basis.

It’s a mini portable cot that folds up into a bag and has a little light.

We bring this with us everywhere; out on our couch, when we visit people etc. 

This is a must have for a newborn!


Gaia Organic Baby Skincare

I’m far from a vegan or hippie, but when it comes to my baby’s delicate new skin, I only use organic products which are free from perfumes and chemicals.

Gaia products are affordable and luxurious for bub. They can be picked up in a small starter kit combo or individually via their online store, Babies R Us, Baby Bunting and limited ranges are also available at some pharmacies and supermarkets.


The Wonder Weeks


The Wonder Weeks is a book written by 2 child expert doctors about the neurological development of babies and children.

The Wonder Weeks splits this development into phases they refer to as ‘leaps’ and for each leap there is an explanation of what abilities your baby is mastering as well as the signs or side effects to expect.

The book helps you to understand what your baby is going through and to predict or justify fussy or clingy periods.

The book goes into all the detail, but I suggest downloading the App which does cost $2 which in my opinion is totally worth it! The App has a summary of each leap and side effects and displays a calendar for you to track where your baby is at.