Kiplings Garage Bar – Turramurra


Kipling’s Garage Bar is a modern tapas bar housed in a former auto service garage in Turramurra.

The once 1920’s garage now features a chic industrial setting serving up elegant, rustic ‘street food’ that flicks your senses from classic, nostalgic flavours to new, inspired dishes accompanied by fine wine and delicious cocktails.


I highly recommend Kipling’s for both it’s food and drinks. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and laid back.

One thing to note is that the seating is more or less help yourself (first in best dressed), so be prepared to hang out at the bar until a table becomes available.


Some of my favourites on the menu are the battered zucchini flowers, peking duck pancakes, the bakes sea scallops and the mini eye fillet medallions.

Ambience: 10/10

Taste: 10/10

Presentation: 10/10

Service: 7.5/10

Overall Experience: 9/10


Grelha Chicken & Burger Bar


Cuisine: Lebanese/Charcoal Chicken/Burgers

Item(s) ordered: 1/4 chicken combo and Moroccan wrap combo

Taste: 8/10 – Food was really tasty but slightly soggy and falling apart

Delivery time: 3/10 – Estimated 90min arrived in 98min

Service: 4/10 –  Driver forgot the lebanese bread, garlic sauce and pickles

Likelihood to order again: 5/10

Overall experience: 6/10