My Pregnancy in Hindsight


Finding out I was pregnant was not your typical over the top exciting experience for us.

We only allowed ourselves to be cautiously optimistic because we had experienced 2 miscarriages prior to this which was heart braking and we had actually stopped trying and had taken on the mentality that things will fall where they may… We didn’t expect that to be the following month after my previous miscarriage though!

Because of our situation, we tried not to act differently or even really acknowledge the pregnancy, because the last 2 times we got very emotionally invested, it fell through.

When we reached 16 weeks, we were finally confident that this one was for real and it finally sunk in. That’s when we announced the exciting news.

I’ve split my experience into trimesters and tried to remember every detail, hopefully I’ve managed to do that.

Trimester One

Trimester one for me can be summed up by 3 words: 1.sick and 2.tired.. I was sick and I was tired nearly 24/7 and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time which made me 3. emotional!

Jatz & cheese and Chamomile tea was my best friend through this period. I also found that plums helped for some reason.

My sickness got so bad at one point that I couldn’t go to work as I was just throwing up every 10-20min.

Trimester Two

Trimester Two did not get much better for me as everyone states it does. My morning sickness continued well into the second trimester and I got more and more tired as the weeks went by. At this stage I was a total hermit.

It was in the second trimester I started to ‘show’. This was the most awkward stage of my pregnancy as it was difficult to tell if I was pregnant, or had just acquired a beer gut. People would look twice but usually didn’t dare ask the question and I found myself often saying to people ‘Yes. I’m pregnant.” in a not so enthusiastic tone.

It’s not all bad though.. In the second trimester I started to feel my baby move – at first only internally but eventually from the outside as well. Brandon (my partner and father of the baby) feeling the baby move for the first time was probably the most memorable part of the pregnancy as it was the first time he felt connected to her.

We also found out the gender (female) in the second trimester as well as receiving confirmation that our baby was healthy with no complications. That was probably the best news I’ve ever received in my life.

Trimester Three

Many people say that it gets better in the third trimester, but I disagree. Time starts to pass excruciatingly slow as your counting down the days and weeks til you get to meet your baby.. Which in my case was even worse because I was told so many times that I was so big and that my baby would come early. At our antenatal classes, they drilled into us to be prepared for bub to come anywhere from 37 weeks and I had in my head that bubby would make her appearance by 38 weeks, I was so sure.. That didn’t happen, by far!

By this stage the shortest stroll felt like a marathon and there was absolutely no distinction between my calves and ankles. I found myself out of breath often and especially after the 30 weeks mark tears were a regular occurrence mostly due to being so over it.

The back and pelvis/hip pain was by far the worst part. It got to a point where I could only sleep for 30 min at a time as I’d have to switch sides due to the aching.

By now my only options were maternity attire.

Then the braxton hicks started.. They were subtle at first and painless, but by week 39 they were quite uncomfortable and at times very painful.

At week 39 I already felt like I was a week over, but my little one decided to stay put until 40 weeks + 6 days! Once I reached the 40 week mark, we were literally going to bed every night saying ‘tonight’s the night’, only to wake up disappointed the next morning.

I remember deciding at this point that I was no longer scared of the labour, because nothing can be worse than this prolonged suffering (I was wrong, but I’ll leave those details for my labour and delivery story).

I spent countless hours watching youtube videos about other people’s labour & delivery stories as well as various videos about what to expect with a newborn and ‘must have’s’. I plan to do my own versions of these as I found them so helpful and interesting!


There is so much that you can’t do while you’re pregnant which made it extra tough for me because I was so used to going out and about and now was a hermit because I wanted to avoid drinking and smoking, but most ideas of things to do were out of the question due to physical difficulty or medical advice. I think by far the most important thing I need to share though is that the moment they put my baby in my arms, every single negative part of my pregnancy, the whole 10 months, and every terrible moment of labour suddenly became 200% worth it.


To be continued…




I had a baby.

I had planned to start this blog during my pregnancy and document the whole journey, but better late than never, right?!

I thought this would be a fitting place to start.. At the beginning of the end; the end of life as I knew it.

On April 27th 2017 at 1:55pm, I gave birth to my daughter Caedence Sim. It was the most overwhelming, traumatic and ecstatic moment of my entire life.

Sure, you have 10 months to prepare for this, but nothing can prepare you for this. Not really.

I will write in more detail later on about my labour and delivery story and of some of my experiences since. I hope to include some learnings about pregnancy, labour and life with a newborn as the main feature of this blog… Among other less important things.